Ince Blundell Hall Nursing Home: Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus

Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus

We are a group of Sisters belonging to the Augustinian Order and living according to the Rule of St Augustine – that fascinating and lovable Saint.

We are small enough to be a real family and big enough to maintain a busy apostolate.

As Augustinian Canonesses we draw on the monastic tradition, which St. Augustine founded when he became a monk. His rule, inspired by the first Christians and their way of life as described in the Acts of the Apostles chap.4 v32 encourages us “to live together in harmony of one mind and one heart on the way to God, sharing all things in common.”
 The Sisters

In the daily living of this rule the rhythm of each day revolves around the liturgy – community life – and our care of the ill. Our day begins with personal prayer followed by the Divine Office chanted in choir (this is the Prayer of Church, chanted by the Sisters four times daily). Holy Mass – the axis of our day, is then celebrated in the convent Chapel.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, holy Hours and Benediction, the Rosary and study of Sacred Scriptures all hold an important place in the deepening of our spiritual lives. It is this prayer life, which creates the dynamic force animating all we do.

The Rule of St. Augustine and our Constitutions studied, discussed and shared enable us to keep close union with God while with care and efficiency we tend to the needs of the ill, the aged and those who come to us for assistance.

The characteristic and special charism of the Augustinian Order the practise of hospitality in all its forms. Through our prayer life, as community, as an Order we are ready to put all we have at the service of others sharing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Belonging as we do to the larger Augustinian family we receive communications regularly from mother General who resides in France. Living in autonomous houses we are linked to each other by Mother General and her council this way we can offer and receive assistance and share in the giftedness of our Sisters. The Sisters from communities in several countries meet annually and all Sisters share fraternally on many other occasions.

In 1960 at the request of Cardinal Heenan, then Archbishop of Liverpool, the Augustinian Sisters, already residing in Liverpool purchased Ince Blundell Hall. It was to become a Nursing Home for ill, disabled and retired priests. It was a mammoth task, achieved through the pioneering spirit of the small group of sisters accepting this mission and a wonderfully generous and loyal committee who supported the Sisters until they were fully established.

For over forty five years the Sisters have continued this mission, not only for priests but also for many lay people, of all denominations and none who have made Ince Blundell Hall their home or spent time recovering from illness or simply enjoying a rest.

We consider the Chapel at Ince Blundell Hall a Mass centre where, thanks to the care and ministrations of a dedicated team of nursing staff who assist the Sisters; many priests who reside or visit the Hall offer Holy Mass each day.

The Sisters intend to maintain a religious presence here and to continue our apostolate for the priests, ill and elderly people for the foreseeable future. Anyone interested in our lifestyle, our apostolate or the Augustinian Order here at Ince Blundell Hall please contact Sister Marie Laura at

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