Ince Blundell Hall Nursing Home: Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus

The Nursing Home

We, The Sisters of Ince Blundell Hall are a Roman Catholic community, a branch of the Augustinian Order, which dates back to the 11th Century. Our life is based on the ideal of community, as expressed in the 4th Century rule of Saint Augustine that “those who undertake this way of life try to live with one heart and soul in prayer and service in their journey towards God”. It is this ideal which inspires us to reach all in need, making Ince Blundell Hall a Centre of Healing and Hospitality.

In 1960 – Ince Blundell Hall – home of the Blundell family since the 12th Century was purchased by the Order to carry on the traditional work of caring for sick and disabled people.

Aerial View of Ince Blundell Hall The Hall is a very fine Eighteenth Century manor house with many special features. It is situated between Liverpool and Southport three miles from the village of Crosby.

It is located in the midst of 50 acres of park and woodland, lawns and gardens - an ideal place for ill people to recover their health while enjoying the beauty of nature in the endless variety of trees, plants and flowers, not to mention birds of all kinds which make the gardens their home.



We, the Sisters and staff adopt a simple and direct philosophy of care, which is based on awareness that each individual has the right to be loved, listened to, understood and respected. Promotion of holistic well being is of primary importance. We provide care and support during all stages of illness so that each person can live as fully as possible. We respect that a person has the right to information to enable them to make decisions about their care. We believe that it is important that the sick and handicapped are kept at the centre of everyone's lives and are not forgotten by society. The sick teach us that weakness is an integral part of the human living and that suffering can be embraced with no loss of dignity.


Ince Blundell Hall Nursing Home provides nursing care and facilities for the ‘elderly’. Advancing age can bring increasing physical and mental disability or disorder. The nursing management undertakes, by rigorous exercise of the assessment process, as far as possible to ensure that only such residents whose needs can be met by the facilities at Ince Blundell Hall are admitted. Ince Blundell Hall intends, as a main aim, limited only by the Home’s continued ability to meet the identifiable needs of residents, to offer care to residents for the agreed time. This includes care until death, where appropriate. The Home provides 24-hour nursing care with additional input from other professional where relevant. Staffing levels are adjusted accordingly to the dependency of residents.