Ince Blundell Hall Nursing Home: Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus


As Augustinian Sisters we strive to live the charism of our Order, which is “hospitality in all its forms.”

Let us explore the meaning of ‘hospitality’ and clarify our understanding of it.

The word comes from ‘hospital’, which, in its original meaning, was a place for the reception and entertaining of pilgrims, travellers or strangers. A hospital was also a charitable institution for the housing and maintenance of the needy, an asylum or refuge for the destitute, the infirm and the aged.

It was also a house for the corporate lodging of students in a university or a charitable institution for the education and maintenance of the young.

Hospitality - A Chinese Visit

Besides all these it was also an establishment for the care of the ill or those requiring medical treatment.

A hospital is a place of lodging and care.

The word from which ‘hospitality’ derives is then rich in meaning. Hospitality is of course the act or practice of being hospitable in the receiving and entertaining of guests, visitors, strangers and those in need with liberality and good will, of giving them a welcome, of generosity.

Hospitality means dealing with persons and putting others before self. Hospitality is more than an expression of love for the guest. It is also, and foremost, an expression of love between the hosts.

At Ince Blundell Hall there is a sincere hospitality and welcoming for all, but as the house is specifically for the aged, the ill and infirm they will naturally have first claim on our hospitality. Over the years we have managed to continue a warm hospitality towards those for whom we care in a particular way, whilst extending it to many individuals and groups of people both far and near whose lives touch ours.

The Guest Annex

Within Ince Blundell Hall are four pleasant rooms reserved for healthy people in need of a rest. Carers often find here a haven of peace where they can “recharge their batteries”. These rooms are ideal for those wishing to make a private retreat or just to enjoy some quiet time to themselves availing of the beautiful gardens and grounds.

Breakfast is served in your room other meals are taken in the elegant dining room overlooking the parkland.

Ample parking is available close to the Hall.

For further information please contact Sr. Laura on 0151-929-2596

In the exercise of this hospitality the Sisters find joy.

With the agreement of our residents, and in keeping with the Augustinian ethos of hospitality The Sisters aim to support all those who wish to visit Ince Blundell Hall.

From time to time The Sisters are requested to allow various groups of disabled people and their carers to share Ince Blundell Hall and surroundings for the day. These activities are allowed with the permission of the residents who often find the event adds interest to their day.

These are some of the people to whom we extend our hospitality:

  • Groups of disabled people
  • Children from local schools
  • Persons desiring private or group retreats.
  • Meetings of Professional Organisations.
  • Inter-denominational meetings.
  • Groups from Association of Artists.
  • Musical and Operatic Societies.
  • Groups from National Museums and Galleries - Merseyside, London, New York, Germany and Canada.
  • Groups from Historical Associations.
  • Groups from Architectural Associations.
  • Groups from English Heritage.
  • Groups from The National Trust
  • The Georgian Society.
  • BBC Filming Personnel.