Ince Blundell Hall Nursing Home: Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus

Aims of the Augustinian Sisters of Ince Blundell Hall

Following our long tradition of Augustinian hospitality, the Sisters aim, in the tranquil and relaxed atmosphere of Ince Blundell Hall is to provide a sincere welcome to all residents.

Aims of the Nursing Home We hope our friendliness and approachability will allay any fears and enable our residents to settle into their new home happily and with confidence.  

We will endeavor to offer moral support and facilitate communication links between resident, family, friends and staff thus allowing decisions to be shared and made

The staff are committed to ensuring that the rights and dignity of all residents are upheld, and to allow residents to express their concerns or problems by having access to a complaints procedure.

To treat each person holistically with a determination to improve or maintain the quality of life of each one, we encourage maximum participation within individual’s ability to ensure their needs are met, thus allowing a degree of dignity and self esteem to be maintained.

The Sisters and Staff are here to advise, assist and support in matters of health and to provide a full range of professional nursing care of the highest possible standard.

We believe that the spiritual aspects of each person are just as important as the social, psychological and physical elements of life and we pay serious attention to the beliefs and practices that govern each individual.

The Sisters and Staff will continue to support each resident as they approach the end of their lives; we aim to provide a loving, peaceful and dignified atmosphere where relatives and friends can feel a sense of closeness to their loved ones.

Through continual training and assessment of staff the Sisters aim to ensure that standards of care reflect and maintain the good reputation of the Augustinian Nursing Sisters at Ince Blundell Hall.